Valion seed tube guards will eliminate seed tube wear and greatly reduce blade flex to create a properly shaped furrow and improved planting depth control.  These guards are perfect for no-till or high-wear conditions, or anyone who is simply tired of replacing seed tube guards so often.  While intended to limit blade flex, standard OEM seed tube guards can wear substantially in just a few hours of use.  Our chrome Valions will outlast OEM guards by 2 to 4x, so that furrows are properly shaped and seeds placed at the correct depth continuously down the row, and all the way thru the planting season.  

Liquid capability Valions are also a slick way to apply liquids into the seed furrow.  Here's how to make this setup as trouble-free as possible and more affordable and durable than competitor systems:

  • Stainless steel liquid tube holders
  • No drilling - installs with existing bolt holes
  • Secures plastic 1/4" line for liquids
  • Keeps the small plastic line out of the blades
  • Prevents damage from stalks or tree limbs
  • Stainless steel for low corrosion
  • Thick-wall pipe




Product ID: EXP100300
Valion seed tube guard for Kinze 3000 series.
Price: $27.50