All of our complete systems come with our standard 700 TVL picture quality camera.  Our standard camera has the highest resolution in the industry because we believe in providing our customers with a premium product to ensure the best picture quality for your surveillance.  Each camera is equipped with a 65 pound magnet, metal visor, and protective bracket to ensure durability.  We have a 68 IP weatherproof rating on our cameras, which ensures protection fromt he total dust ingress and protects your camera from long-term immersion up to a specified pressure.  Bottom line, our cameras give you a clear picture and hold up under harsh environments.

All of our cameras are equipped with a night vision setting for your late night surveillance.  Our cameras are durable and are a perfect solution to help eliminate your blind spots.  However, we recommend upgrading your brackets to stainless steel for fertilizer application.  


5" Camera Kit


7" Camera Kit


10" Camera Kit


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