The CRP line of points is the newest evolution of Subsoiler & Ripper points designed by combining Acra-Plant technology with the years of experience ShieldAg has in supplying long-lasting high-performance Chrome Carbibe Ripper Points.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Relieves soil compaction zone for yield improvement
  • Improves soil tilth to increase nutrient availability and root uptake
  • Produces a subsoil profile that assures improved root penetration
  • Assures moisture retention in the driest conditions
  • Provides fracture and lift with little surface disruption or “slabbing”
  • Allows flexibility in running depth
  • Scours up, pulls easy and flows soil around the shank to reduce wear
  • Provides long wear life in the widest variety of soil conditions

Conservation Points are now available in 2-1/2” (no wing), 7” winged, & 10” winged for just about any application!

CRP points are available with wings and without wings for inner row and spring fieldwork. The unique design allows for the use of solid 25% chrome carbide in all the wear surfaces with mounting boots designed specifically for the most popular makes and models of disc rippers and subsoilers.

 Please call with make and model of ripper for pricing.