Acra Plant

Acra-Plant V-Slice Inserts and Acra-Plant Notched Disc Openers




Closing Wheel Brackets


Closing Wheels

Closing wheels include Cast Closing Wheel, Close-N-Till, Finger-Till, Martin Closing Wheels and Rubber Closing Wheels


Gauge Wheels

Gauge Wheel Arms, Gauge Wheel Assemblies and Gauge Wheel Tires


Keeton Seed Firmers


Martin Row Cleaners


Miscellaneous Planter Parts

Mudsmith Gauge Wheel Assemblies  

New! Mudsmith Gauge Wheel Assemblies

The MudSmith Gauge Wheel utilizes a patent protected open rim design. This open rim design reduces mud and debris buildup while being extremely durable.


• Reduces wheel plugging that causes delays, repairs and stress.

• Wheel has proven to be the most plug-free design available in addition to offering outstanding durability.



Precision Meters


Replacement Planter Parts


New! Sabre Tooth Disc Openers

The next generation of Planter and Seeding blades are here with Prescription Tillage Technology's STP series blades.  Click here for more information.


Seed Tubes

BullsEye and Wavevision Seed Tubes


New! Smart Clean

See how the new Smart Clean System makes manual row cleaner adjustments a thing of the past.




New! Valion