Unique Design and Function - No Holes to Dig!

The Postboxx is the only patented and certified mailbox that is free standing using sand or Gravel, Simply fill the pedestal with the desired ballast and you have an elegant mailbox that is safe and durable.

Are You Tired of Having Your Mailbox Smashed?

The Postboxx may possibly be the last mailbox you'll ever buy. Made from high quality, sturdy, heavy impact polyethylene, this mailbox is able to withstand the toughest abuse.

Sick of looking at a Dingy, Unappealing Mailbox?

The Postboxx is made to complement the beauty and charm of your home and comes in a variety of colors that never needs repainted. The Postboxx is made to withstand the elements and cleans easily, just wipe it or hose it off.

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