Propel Solves Problems

In a world where farmers embrace new technology to feed a rapidly growing population, convenience and effiency are more important than ever.  GPS, telematic, kinematics, RFIDS, soil and crop sensors, self-steering, high-flex tires and ISOBUS ready tractors are just a few examples of how technology has helped to advance modern farming practices.  Until now, that technology advancement stopped at the machine shed door.

On a 30' wide split sliding door, you will walk 90' to unlatch, unchain, and open each panel.  Then do it again in reverse to close them - after you've climbed into your tractor and driven it out, then climbed back down again and walked back into the building to secure it.  It's easier just to leave the doors open until the end of the day and hope that no one wanders in or that a storm doesn't roll in and wreak havoc on your shed and its contents.

Finally, a system has been developed to address these issues.  Propel Sliding Door Automation is helping farmers, ranchers and builders design more functional buildings that are easier on the budget.  For existing buildings, Propel helps by alleviating costly door replacements by automating existing sliding doors.  

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