Cost Effective Weed Control with NO Drift

Problem:  With the rise of resistant weeds in GMO and conventional crops, taller growing weeds need to be attacked without damaging your crop.

Solution:  Super Sponge Weed Wipers’ pump-fed sponges hold and put more material on undesired weeds, without drift.

Drift Free    Effective   Use Less Chemical

Target taller growing resistant weeds.

Applicators have reported less than $1 of chemical cost per acre.


3-Point Hitch

Row Crop Application

This model was originally designed as a solution for row crop application. The unit is designed to drive in between the rows with the necessary clearing to not damage your crop!

Self-Contained Unit

When we say, "self-contained" we mean that the unit comes ready to go. While you will have to assemble the unit when you receive it, you do not need any additional pumps/tanks to get started. All you will need is the chemical of choice and the tractor/3-point hitch to start using our system.

Height Adjustment On the Go

Our 3-point hitch model can be adjusted on the go by simply raising and lowering your 3-point hitch! This makes the unit particularly friendly for applications where you need to adjust your height on the go to make up for the variance in weed height!


ATV/Front Bucket

Alternative To Spot Spraying

This model was originally designed as a great alternative to spot spraying in your hay and pasture ground. Save on labor and on chemical costs by using our ATV/Front Bucket weed wiper unit. This product will come with the plumbing an frame needed to mount to your front bucket or ATV application. We sell the kits without the sprayer and pump because you probably already have a tank and pump to power your unit! However, sprayer and pumps are available for purchase below.

Power Lift Option

Our standard ATV/Front bucket units can be adjusted by hand to the users preferred height. However, the user can purchase our power lift package to adjust the height on the go! Some applications require the user to adjust on the go, and at the end of the day this is another time saving tool for your weed wiper application.


Our ATV/Front bucket kits have been designed to be easily attached to your ATV/Front bucket unit.  Since weed wiping is a seasonal application, you will want to take the weed wiper off after use.  The ATV/Front bucket units have been designed for easy travel, use and storage!


Build Your Own

Adaptable To Your Machine

Building your own kits gives the user more flexibility and adaptability to your specific farming application. Since the unit comes with only the plumbing, the user can use an existing boom or create an alternative mounting option that fits your application. For example, many farmers have used a high clearance detasseler for mounting when building their own kit.

Built Around Your Application

Most of our products were designed around a specific industry need. We recognize that there are plenty more applications for weed wipers that our products are not geared towards. For example, if you want to design a weed wiper unit with spaces in between your sponges, you will want to build your own kit around that need. We have had plenty of customers that have taken advantage of the opportunity to build their own kit, and if you also have an unique application, we highly recommend you look into building your own kit.  

Save Money

Our kits are designed to give you exactly what you need to create your own weed wiper to save you money. You can cover more ground for a cheaper price. With that being said, you will have to figure out how to mount your weed wiper and supply your current sprayer and pump with the appropriate GPM pump (specs listed for each size when you clip on the product) to power your weed wiper. We know your time is valuable, so we have priced our kits to factor in the labor cost you will have for building your unit!


Pull Type

Use For Uneven Terrain

This model was originally designed as a solution for uneven terrain.  In many applications that have uneven terrain, the user will want a unit that contours to the land.  Each of the units have wheels to stabilize the unit for those uneven patches of ground.

Self-Contained Unit

When we say, "self-contained" we mean that the unit comes ready to go.  While you will have to assemble the unit when you receive it, you do not need any additional pumps/tanks to get started.  All you will need is the chemical of choice and an ATV or something to pull the unit?

Great For Road Travel

Our Pull-Type units are designed for road side travel.  Our 15 ft, 20 ft, 30 ft. and 40 ft. units all have the ability to fold up to travel safely dow the road. 


Sprayer Boom

Easy To Attach 

Sprayer kits attach to your boom with the provided metal mounting brackets.  Easily height adjust and easy removal after you have wiped out your weeds.You can find an installation video on our website.  Designed for 1-2" booms (Call us for booms larger than 6" or specify your boom size in your order).

Superior Feeding System

Instead of using a manifold system with a separate pump to power your weed wiper, our sprayer kits are powered by your sprayer!  Simply attach your plumbing right into our nozzle adapter and use your on/off switch for your sprayer nozzles to feed your sponges! We even provide extra caps to plug up your Our adapters are compatible with TeeJet and Hypro nozzle bodies!

Bigger Is Better

One of the major benefits of our sprayer kits is you can use anywhere from a 5 ft - 120 ft. kit.  There aren't any other weed wipers in the industry that provide the user the opportunity to have less passes in the field.  If you are nervous about using a 90 ft. weed wiper, start with something smaller, you can always expand your boom in the future! For larger booms, we highly recommend having auto-boom height adjustment.