Ergo hitch is the self-aligning, automatically locking hitch that will change the way you think about towing.  If you think you've seen similar hitches in the past...THINK AGAIN!  You've never seen anything like the Ergo-Hitch.  Originally and specifically designed for SAFETY when hooking gran and hay wagons to your tractor or truck, the Ergo-Hitch will become the most versatile hitch system on the market. 


Simply back up to your wagon or trailer and "Click" you're hooked.  Pull the release lever and "Click" you're unhooked, no pins or clips to mess with.  The Ergo-Hitch is automatically locked in the open position until your next hook up.  Again, no pins or clips to mess with.


Use the Ergo-Hitch alone or with the "Big Mouth" vertical alignment ramps and the "Tongue Tender" wagon tongue lift attachment for maximum versatility and safety.  Use with the "Drawbar Adapter" to connect your Ergo-Hitch to any tractor drawbar.  Also, available is the specially engineered "Ergo Ball" for all Class 1-IV ball hitch towing needs.


Ergo-Hitch weighs less than 30 lbs. and is only 2" thick offering a sleek look as well as protection for the internal mechanics.  Deceptively strong for its size, the Ergo-Hitch is rated at 40,000 lbs. of pulling capacity and 2,000 lbs. of tongue weight.

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