The MudSmith Gauge Wheel was created on the Smith family farm in Northeastern South Dakota in an effort to improve planting efficiency during wet soil conditions.


The MudSmith Gauge Wheel utilizes a patent protected open rim design. This open rim design reduces mud and debris buildup while being extremely durable.




• Reduces wheel plugging that causes delays, repairs and stress.


• Wheel has proven to be the most plug-free design available in addition to offering outstanding durability.


• Single piece cast hub keeps wheel stable - extending bearing life


The modular construction allows every part to be field replaceable. MudSmith Hardware Kits includes everything necessary to convert old gauge wheels to MudSmith’s open rim design.


The Cast Iron Bearing Hub eliminates wheel wobble, and cuts down on time spent changing bearings, in one complete, durable housing. 


S.I. Distributing offers all varieties of MudSmith Gauge Wheels to fit most makes and models of planters, disc drills and air seeders:  from conventional 4.5” wheels, to 3” wheels for better ride and less row unit bounce, to 2.5” wheels to fit the twin row planters.


Gauge Wheels Re-invented!


5/8" or 16mm Bearing


Set Screw Style Bearing


Water Pump Style Bearing (Roll Pin)