Replace your existing metal or worn out snouts with these long-lasting May Wes poly corn snouts and reap the benefits. 

May Wes poly corn snouts are an excellent less-expensive option over OEM snouts. Their slick poly surface sheds debris and absorbs impact with less bounce. May Wes poly corn snouts are available in rigid and jack knife designs for many corn head brands and models. Be sure to get your corn head in tip top shape.

Design Innovations:

• Pivot points - folds up, in and down

• Easy access for cleaning and maintenance

• Deeper shoulders for better crop retention

• Complete poly construction – inner and outer walls

• Able to replace one snout or outfit the whole head

• Interchangeable

• Complete with hardware for easy installation

Advantages of poly material compared to metal:

• More economical and weighs less

• Absorbs impact – less bounce and denting

• Slick surface shed debris

• Less ear bounce and butt shelling

• Works well in down corn situations

JACK KNIFE DESIGN (Series II):  Complete OEM Replacement with jack knife design.  Double pivot points allow the points to fold up, in and down for easy access and maintenance and uses less storage space.

Added features of the Jack-Knife design:

• The folding design allows snouts to be popped up and latched in seconds

• Easier transport and storage positions

• Advanced prop rod system with Safety Lock Pin

RIGID DESIGN (Series I):  Tip down for easy access.  Single pivot point allows snout to lift for easy access for maintenance.  These Poly Snouts can be used as a replacement for existing steel inner and outer snouts for all makes of corn heads.  This gives you the flexibility of replacing one individual row unit in your existing poly head.

Available for the following models:

  • AGCO

  • Case-IH

  • John Deere

  • New Holland

Please call for price and availability.  Or click here to request more information.