Get your JD 50/60/90/Pro-series Drill to Work the Way it Should.

The biggest downfall of the JD 50/60/90/Pro-series drills is how down-force is applied—the rockshaft twists to compress a big coil spring on each opener. Because the spring is nearly parallel to the arm, the opener has almost no downstroke—i.e., the spring is applying the correct amount of down-force for only about 1/4” of its range.

• Uniform pressure on all openers

• Reduce/eliminate hairpinning

• Less sidewall compaction

• Get consistent depth!

• Better use of frame weight

• Greater up/down travel on openers

• 3-year warranty on cylinders (some restrictions apply)


Cylinder Kit

Cylinder kit available for John Deere 50, 60/90 and Pro-Series drills.  One required per row.  Hydraulic valve kit sold separately.


Hydraulic Valve Kit

Hydraulic valve kit required when running Uniforce.


Optional Accessories

Uniforce Optional Accessories