Keeton Seed Firmers gently press every seed into the bottom of the trench to place it firmly into the soil, to improve seed-to-soil contact.



Seed-to-Soil Contact Made Easy


Seeds don't always land in the bottom of the trench where they belong.


This can leave an air pocket underneath them, not allowing them to take up moisture as fast as they could.  That leads to late germination and emergence, and finally, loss of yield. The Keeton Seed Firmer firms the seed to the bottom of the furrow and improves seed-to-soil contact.

Uneven seed germination and uneven plant emergence sap yields. Plants coming up even a little late can’t compete with their neighbors for resources and they’re vulnerable to heat stress and insects. 

Keeton Seed Firmers set the seed at the right depth and create consistent seed-to-soil contact. That leads to uniform germination, uniform emergence, and tests show, an average increase of six bushels per acre.

• Set seeds to the bottom of the seed trench

• Hit the depth you set on your planter

• Ensures uniform seed-to-soil contact

• Ensures uniform seed germination

• Ensures uniform plant emergence

• Research proves an average six bushel increase in corn yield


Apply In-Furrow Liquid

The Keeton seed firmer can also act as a liquid application tool for insecticides, fungicides, and proper in-furrow fertilizers. 

Get the benefits of firming, as well as liquid application in a single device.





VIDEO: Keeton Seed Firmers - Seed-to-Soil Contact Made Easy - Benefits Explained & In Action

Keeton Seed Firmers - Seed-to-Soil Contact Made Easy - Video


Keeton Seed Firmers, Planter  

Keeton Seed Firmers, Planter

Keeton Seed Firmers for John Deere, Kinze and White planters

Keeton Seed Firmer, Parts  

Keeton Seed Firmer, Parts

Keeton Seed Firmer parts including tails, brackets, tubing, hose clamps, zip ties, splitter and inserts.

Mojo Wire - Exapta  

Mojo Wire - Exapta

The Exapta Mojo Wire stiffener supplies up to 3 times the pressure to the standard Keeton.

The Exapta Mojo Wire improves the performance of your Keeton Seed Firmers in wet soil conditions with its self-cleaning action of the Keeton against the furrow sidewalls. 

Mur-Lok Fittings  

Mur-Lok Fittings

Mur-Lok Fittings are leak-resistant dual EPDM O-Rings, made of chemical-resistant polypropylene and are NSF Standard 58 Certified.