OEM Replacement Sectionalized Knife Assemblies, Guards and Sections

Radura:  Compare QUALITY and PRICE to OEM Replacement Parts

The Radura line offers high quality replacement parts for a fraction of the cost of those offered by the original equipment manufacturer.

These parts are often subject to high wear and must be replaced regularly.

Using Radura parts ensures high quality, a simple application and GREAT RESULTS whether it is grain, soybeans, or grass crops.

Forged Replacement Guards

  High wear resistance

  High stability

  Great strength

Replacement Sections

  Made from high quality steel

  Available for most applications

  Self-sharpening cutting edges

  Break and bend resistant

  Various serrations available

  Available for most headers


Knife Assemblies

  Available in coarse or fine serration sections

  Sectionalized for easy transport

  FedEx or UPS shippable

•  Hardware is included

  High quality performance sections

OEM replacement knife assemblies are sectional so they can be shipped by UPS. Same high quality parts as original equipment knife assemblies. Includes all hardware for assembly.  We also have OEM replacement guards and sections available. 


- Radura OEM Replacement Guards  

- Radura OEM Replacement Guards

OEM Replacement Guards available for AGCO, Case-IH and John Deere.  
- Radura OEM Replacement Sections  

- Radura OEM Replacement Sections

Radura OEM Replacement Sections available for AGCO, Case-IH, John Deere 3" cutting system, John Deere 4" cutting system and New Holland.


Case-IH 1010, 1020 Runner

Case-IH 1010, 1020 reconditioned OEM runner.  Available for greaseable and oil bath wobble box.

OEM Replacement Knife Assemblies

OEM Replacement Knife Assemblies for Case-IH, John Deere and MacDon.

  • Hardened knife connection
  • Screw connection of all parts
  • Easy exchange of blades and sections
  • For all conventional forged guard cutting


OEM Replacement Knifeheads

OEM Replacement Knifeheads available for Case-IH, MacDon and John Deere. 

OEM Replacement Parts

OEM Replacement Parts for AGCO, Case-IH, John Deere, MacDon and New Holland.