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Reviews for the SCH Easy Cut II Cutter Bar Kits:

Was on the header of the old combine when I bought it, no improvement needed on this product!  Keep selling good items!    - Anthony W, Waterloo, New York

Low Maintenance.  This is the fourth SCH cutter bar I have bought, thank you.   - Tim G, Angola, Tennessee

The customer service was excellent.  The whole kit came well packaged and in excellent quality. - Lincoln R., Westport, IN

Everything went together perfect - Bruce G., Lake Park, IA

What one feature convinced you to buy this product?

Updated design to improve old mower performance - Lincoln R., Westport, IN

The new rollers - Richard S., Eldorado WI

The alternating knife cut - Allen B, Ryan, IA

Gentler on the header vibration - Mike M., Ottawa, OH

Ease of repair in field - Joshua S., Bloomberg, PA

Less wear on knife - Charles R., Gibsonburg, OH

Less friction - David S., St. Marys, KS

The rollers - Bruce G., Lake Park, IA

Roller guides - Steve B., Columbus, OH

Old one wore out in less than 2 years so quality - Robert K, Elgin, NE

No shims - Gary W., Fairfax, MO

Steel guards, Jim M., Cassopolis, MI

No hold downs needed - Pete H., Lake City, MN

Ease of installation - Al Q., Troy, NY

No adjusting - Randy B., South Hearst, ND

It works! - John F., Minford, OH