WaveVision Seed Tubes "See Seeds, Not Dust"

See Your Population Accurately

  • Traditional seed sensors count seeds and dust 
  • When population is reported incorrectly, you feel uneasy
  • WaveVision sensors count only seeds for accurate population counts

When you are planting, we know that you want to be confident that the population that is displayed on your monitor is actually what is being planted.  In order to have this confidence, you need to be sure that all the seeds are being counted, and nothing else. 


But there is a problem; traditional seed sensors can't tell the difference between dust and seed, which can make you very unsettled.  You may have experienced it; planting one direction your population is right, but the other direction, it spikes high, making you wonder what is going on.  We believe that accurate planting data is something that should be in every tractor cab in the spring. 


The WaveVision seed sensor counts seed and not dust, has tungsten carbide wear points to reduce double disk wear on the tube, and has a smooth front wall to prevent seed bounce. 

Better information in. Better information out.

For measuring population, seed spacing, skips and doubles, you depend on the accuracy of your seed sensors. But optical sensors have four big problems:

•    Dust looks just like seeds

•    Doubles look like singles

•    Dust coats the eyes

•    Sensor mounts in middle of seed tube


WaveVision Advantages:

•  Uses high frequency radio waves

•  Sensors see 3-dimensional mass, not shapes

•  Can distinguish doubles

•  Sensors see through dust for more accuracy

•  Sensor mounts at bottom of seed tube

The Only Sensor That Can Tell Seeds From Dust.

OPTICAL SENSORS ARE EASILY FOOLED. Doubles look like singles and dust looks like seeds. And when sensors are miscounting seeds and counting dust, you have no idea what your actual population is. Confusion reigns. Yield suffers.

Revolutionary WaveVision doesn’t use optics. This sensor-seed tube combination uses high-frequency waves to look at falling objects from every angle. This allows Wave- Vision to distinguish a single seed from a double or triple, or from dust or debris, because they all register a different mass. It counts only seeds. And, WaveVision counts seeds lower on the seed tube, closer to the trench, which increases accuracy. It means that WaveVision will give you more accurate information than any other sensor on the market.



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