-------------------  It almost goes without saying that farming has a lot of things that can be improved – including the reliance on graphite and talc based products.   That is why Low Mu Tech created DUST as direct replacement to graphite and talc and why S.I. Distributing is proud to offer it.


Choose soy-protein DUST as a healthier, safer and cleaner seed  and mechanical lubricant and as a replacement to graphite and talc.

This patented lubricant (patent number 10,426,077)  is the perfect seed box treatment for your current planter or drill technology to use with ANY SEED.  


DUST is naturally formulated to be less “dusty”.  Due to this, it doesn’t take to the air as willingly as graphite/talc.DUST also does not leave your hands, your face, or your clothing dirty.  It wipes off on contact and goes where wanted:  on the seed and into the furrow.    


 It takes one bushel of soybeans to make 11 lbs. of dust.  

Since it is made wholly from soy protein, it will disappear within 28 days from the furrow and provide more green-up and early plant viability.


Ajay Sharda, Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering at Kansas State University, evaluated the fluency of Dust with funding from the United Soybean Board (USB). Sharda said, “Dust is as equally good as talc and graphite on seed flowability and we achieve the same level of corn seed singulation as other commercial product on all the different seed metering mechanisms.”

Sharda’s research showed no differences between Dust when compared to talc, graphite and Fluency Agent Advanced on corn seed singulation. “Regardless of speed or population, Dust gave 98-99% singulation, the desired industry standard. However, Dust provided slightly better singulation with soybeans.”                      


• Does all the things like Graphite and Talc with none of the problems!

• Lowers static electricity

• Healthier to use

• Don’t wear it home!

• Not found in the soil after 28 days

DUST is a low use rate product. Generally, the starting rate should be no greater than ¼ cup (one ounce) per unit of seed, for a row unit planter. PLEASE COMPARE COST PER UNIT.



CLICK HERE FOR DUST'S SUGGESTED USAGE RATES AND GUIDELINES                                                 

The suggestions are based on the numerous experiences from previous plantings with DUST in most all planter types.  NOTE:  DUST is a low-use-rate product.  Over application may result in plugging of screens in the planter meters.


Click this image to go to the Excel worksheet on this site:

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VIDEO:  DUST, graphite and talc replacement, at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show.



VIDEO:  DUST, graphite and talc replacement, is explained by Brian Tulley, creator of Dust




VIDEO:  DUST use rates and cost-per-acre




“We’ve been using this product for the last four years now.  We chose it over graphite.  It’s cleaner, easier to use.  We see a great improvement in emergence and standa bility.  Clean-up is very easy.  It’s not on your clothes, it’s easy to wipe off and clean-up of machinery is very easy.” Daniel Braet, corn, soybeans.  Bellevue, IA


“We’ve decided at the beginning of the season to set up a comparison between the two (graphite/talc and DUST) because I was not really familiar with DUST.  So, we used graphite/talc on one hopper of the planter and used DUST on the other.

The thing that jumped out at me first was on the monitor.  We could see on the DUST side of the planter a more even drop rate compared to the graphite and talc side.

When you’d fill the graphite side on a windy day, it was everywhere.  It would get in your hair, on your hands, your face, your clothing. On the DUST side, when you’d fill it, there was basically nothing on you.  It was a night and day difference. It made the wife happy for sure.”  David Walton, corn, soybeans.  Wilton, IA


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