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The Fire-N-Table emits heat beneath the tabletop but creates atmosphere with an open flame in the middle of the tabletop. Uses state of the art technology, combining both infrared and radiant heat, making it a genuine outdoor heater. The Fire-N-Table has double skinned walls, which creates even heat and means that there are no hot spots, so it is safe to touch anywhere. Can seat up to 8 or 12 standing comfortably. Includes a stainless steel ice bucket for the center of the table, keeping drinks and food cool while entertaining. Includes full length cover to protect it from elements when not in use. The Fire-N-Table has 304 stainless steel foot rail, table edge and safety rail. Dimensions: 45" (h) x 43" (w) x 43" (d). Weight: 198 lbs. Rated at 31,000 BTU's. Electronic ignition. Operates up to 20 hours on a 20-lb propane bottle. CSA Certified. Makes outdoor living easy, every day of the year. Price includes shipping. A $75 charge will be added if residential tailgate service is required.

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