The Original STALK STOMPER manufacturer, May Wes Manufacturing, is the recognized leader in stubble damage protection for tractors and corn heads.  May Wes Manufacturing has continually improved the product design, reliability and expanded the stalk-leveling application.  Major agricultural tire manufacturers have reported favoring May Wes STALK STOMPERS based on field testing.  The STALK STOMPER comes standard with 1/4" thick Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Poly liner over a thick metal shoe and available in multiple width options for corn head and tractor applications.  

Tractor STALK STOMPER products for popular tractor brands/models.  Tractor tires are protected from stalk damage and uneven wear during spring no-till or strip-till farming practices and fall tillage.

STALK STOMPERS for combine corn heads feature the popular Quick Disconnect design for ease of installation, adjustment and shoe removal.  Toolbar mounts are available for John Deere, Geringhoff, Dragotec, Lexion, Challenger, HarvesTec, Fantini and Capello heads.  Row mount units are available for Case-IH and New Holland.  

The STALK STOMPERS are a tool of choice in No-Tillage application for residue management and has been recognized as Product of the Year in 2012 and 2013.  


On September 24, 2018, the new G4 STALK STOMPERS won the 2018 Made in Minnesota Manufacturing Awards Best Game-Changing B2C Product Award.

Based on farmer feedback, the G4 Stalk Stomper features a simplified and space-saving torsion design that eliminates the spring, chain, pivot bolt and other bulky features found in most Stalk Stompers, making it much easier for one person to install, remove and reposition for transport or storage.

The G4 is much more compact with an 11.5" shorter length than previous models, providing more clearance for track combines and hassle-free storage and transport on folding corn heads.  The G4 shoe has been widened to 12" for optimal stalk leveling and reduced its weight by 25%.  Manufactured from 1/2" thick durable UHMW poly instead of steel, the G4's shoe easily glides across the field and features a raised tail to prevent accidental reverse damage. 

G4 Stalk Stomper currently available for the following Corn Heads:

  • Case-IH 2600, 4200, 4400 series

  • Case-IH 2200, 2400, 3200, 3400 series

  • New Holland 99C, 980 series

  • New Holland 96C, 96D, 98C, 98D, 996 series

  • John Deere 600/700 series

  • Drago GT series



Stalk Stomper kits available for AGCO: Massey 3000, Gleaner 3000 and Challenger cornheads.





Stalk Stomper kits available for Case-IH 800, 900/1000, 2200, 2400, 2600, 2606, 3200, 3400, 4200, 4400 and 4412F series cornheads.



Stalk Stomper kits available for Drago I, II and GT series





Stalk Stomper kits available for Geringhoff Horizon, Northstar and Rota Disc series cornheads.  



Stalk Stomper kits available for Harvestec 5000 and 6000 series cornheads.


John Deere

Stalk Stomper kits available for John Deere 600 and 90/40 series cornheads.  




New Holland

Stalk Stomper kits available for New Holland 96C, 99C, 96D, 98C, 98D, 996 and 980CF series cornheads.