Planting Innovations 

Successful PLANTING Innovations - Overview of 30 Planting Innovations Offered by S.I. Distributing


DUST - Seed Lubricant - Graphite Replacement - Benefits Explained

Finger-Till Closing Wheels - Explained and In Action - See the Difference!    

Hydra-Maxx Down Pressure System - Equally Distributes Weight Across the Entire Air Seeder

Keeton Seed Firmers -  Benefits Explained & In Action (Field Level / In Trench)  


     Martin-Till Closing Wheels - Benefits Explained and In Action                             

     Martin-Till Floating Row Cleaners - Benefits Explained and In Action     

         - ACCR Martin-Till Floating Row Cleaners - In Action 

         - WA1360 Martin-Till Floating Row Cleaners - Benefits Explained and In Action 

         - WA1345 Martin-Till Floating Row Cleaners  - Benefits Explained and In Action 

     Martin-Till Planting Attachments 2024 Product Focus 

     Martin-Till Smart Clean Row Cleaner Adjustment System - Benefits Explained and In Action           

     Martin-Till Twisted Drag Chain Kit - Benefits Explained and In Action       

     Martin-Till Unit Mounted Fertilizer Openers (UMOs)- Benefits Explained and In Action 

     Martin-Till Weight Transfer System - Redistributes Weight from Center of Planter to Wings

Mojo Wire, Exapta Compare the Keeton Firmer with and without the Mojo Wire in no till conditions 

MudSmith Gauge Wheel - Expained and In Action, in Wet Soil Conditions

Norseman Roller Bearing Gauge Wheel Arm Kits- Benefits Explained     

Norseman Roller Bearing Gauge Wheel Arm - Comparison of Build-up of Mud/Trash Compared to OEM arm

Planter Upgrades- SI Distributing interviewed by 


     PPS Flange Bushing Parallel Arms Rebuild Kits  - Benefits, Advantages and Comparisons Explained

     PPS Rebuild-Your-Existing-Parallel Arms Kits (Hardware Only) - Basic Assembly Tips

     PPS Flange Bushing Rebuild Kits - Demonstration  - Demonstration of Why You Need Tight Bushings in Your Planter's Parallel Arms

Precision Planting CleanSweep - Manage your Row Cleaner Performance on the Go

SeedRight Seed Plates - Plant Cover Crop Crops and Small Grains with your Planter

Set-N-Seed Planter Depth Calibration Tool 

V-Shot, Acra-Plant  - Benefits Explained and Starter Fertilizer Application Demonstrated

Harvesting Innovations

Bushel Plus - Overview

---- Why Bushel Plus

---- Bushel Plus - Grain Loss Test 

---- Bushel Plus - How it Works

---- Bushel Plus Training Presentation

---- Bushel Plus - Downloading and Using the App

----  Bushel Plus - Drop Pan Troubleshooting 

---- Bushel Plus - Air Separator Troubleshooting 

---- Bushel Plus - What Comes in the Box 

----  Bushel Plus Testimonial #1

---- Bushel Plus Testimonial #2

Bushel Plus MAD Concaves - Overview

HCC Orbit Trac II Reel Kit - Comparison of HCC Orbit Trac II Reel vs Standard Reel

HCC Flip Reel Kit - Comparison of HCC Flip Reel Kit versus Standard Reel

HCC Gateway Chaffers and Sieves - Clean Crops Efficiently

May Wes G4 Stalk Stompers for Combine Corn Heads 

May Wes Five-Finger Quick Tine Replacement - For Short, Sparse or Specialty Crops

May Wes Five-Finger Quick Tine Replacement - As seen on Millennial Farmer - Zach Johnson, the "Minnesota Millennial Farmer," installs and comments on the Five-Finger Quick Tine

May Wes Poly Auger Fingers -  Keep your auger feeding smoothly and properly.

May Wes Poly Auger Trough Liners for Grain Heads, Corn Heads and Grain Tanks- Do you have holes in your (grain or corn) head?   Durable Poly Doesn't Rust - Save on Repairs   

May Wes Poly Auger Trough Liners for Grain Heads - Larson Farms' "We Have Holes in Our Head"  - Larson Farms' video excerpts of their video regarding the benefits and the installation process.

May Wes Poly Skid Shoes - Put More Crop in Your Combine  

Radura Disc Mower BladesThird Party Review by Ted Kahler

SCH EasyCut II Cutterbar System - Overview

SCH EasyCut II Cutterbar System - Benefits Explained and In Action

SCH Parts Bags - Wearplates Parts Bag, Roller-Guide Parts Bag and Double-Drive Parts Package

SCH Pro-Drive Knife Drive - 100% Linear Knife Movement  - Higher Ground-Travel Speeds

SCH Pro-Drive Knife Drive - Inter-Working Demonstration

SCH Pro-Flex Crop Lifter - Benefits Explained and In Action

Specialty Replacement Reel Tines - The Paddle, 5-Finger Quick Tines, Snap-On Replacement Tines, Quick Finger Replacement Tines

Tailboard Trash Blower Tube - Benefits Explained and In Action

Tailboard Trash Blower Tube - Overview

Thrash Master Concave System - Overview

Other Innovations

AgroEcoPower- Performance-Enhancing Tunes - Explanation, Benefits, Examples and RESULTS

AgroEcoPower- Performance-Enhancing Tunes - What Customers Are Saying

Air Filter Blaster Overview- Benefits Explained and In Action

Air Filter Blaster Review - by the Minnesota Millennial Farmer      

May Wes Poly Pickup Bands - Zach Johnson, the "Minnesota Millennial Farmer," takes a closer look at the May Wes Poly Pickup Bands for balers

Montezuma Tool Box - Great Idea to Mount it on a Combine - Benefits Explained

Outback Wraps Hydraulic Hose Markers and Hose Tamers -  Hose Identification System

NH3Disc Sealers   Drive Faster Without Covering Small Corn 

Ride Tamer -  For Zero Turn Mowers - No More Bumpy Rides  

SCH Hedge Trimmers - Specialty Crop & Vegetation Management

SCH Hedge Trimmers - Benefits Explained and In Action

SCH Hedge Trimmers - Overview

STEPS Grain Management - Control your Grain Bins from the Beach

Sure Stop Grain Handling Alignment Sensor - Get it Right the First Time

ReadyVision Battery-Powered WIFI Camera - Grain Drop Video

ReadyVision Battery-Powered WIFI Camera - Monitoring Cargo / Gooseneck Trailer Video

VisionWorks Agricultural Equipment Camera Systems - Overview

       Application:  Combine / Grain Cart Combination

       Application: Three Cameras on a Swather going 15 mph 

       Application: On Balers and On Grain Carts

       Application: Perfect Backing Up