Eliminating the Reel - Auger Gap

The revolutionary, patent-pending design of the Orbit Reel is tailored to today’s high performance headers and brings the reel tines right up to the auger before exiting the crop. The old-fashioned reel is replaced with a double-track system. The unique shape of the Orbit Reel allows the reel tines to break their circular path and swing directly past the auger. Crop flow is positive. Build-up and slugging is reduced.

The Orbit Reel is a proven solution that has been field tested by large operators and custom cutters for six years. The Orbit Reel has been designed as a retrofit for all HCC tube-type reels. Installation is easy and can be accomplished on the farm in a few hours.

  • Continuous crop flow - less slugging
  • Positively places crop into the auger
  • Adjusts reel path to specific header depth and auger size
  • Longer sweep - more control of crop entry to header
  • Six years of field - testing
  • Retrofits all HCC ML and Level II reels built since 1990






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