Upgrade Your Rotary Mower to Radura - A Very Affordable Upgrade

The primary difference between Radura disc mower blades and other blades in the market is the way they are made. The Radura blade features a rolled cutting edge, whereas most other competitors grind their cutting edge. This grinding method weakens the steel and causes the blade to chip and wear prematurely. With the special cold rolled process used on the cutting edge of the radura blade, the results are a more wear-resistant edge that maintains its sharpness longer.

Radura Disc Mower Blades:

•  Unique Cold Rolled Cutting Edge for increased wear and stability 

•  Precise Quality Control for performance and safety

•  Increased Service Life     

•  Superior Cutting Quality

•  Available for Most Makes and Models

The Radura disc mower blade has been used throughout the world for over 50 years. Its exceptional quality and durability is the reason why so many professional users, OEMs, or hobby farmers trust radura disc mower blades for their machines. 

Whether you’re cutting hay, alfalfa or grass, Radura disc mower blades help you get the job done.

VIDEO: Disc Mower Blade Comparison Test - Radura Versus Serrated Blades - Conducted by Ted Kahler

Each batch of Radura rotary disc mower blades is subjected to a rigorous quality control program, ensuring they meet DIN 11250 / ISO 5718-2 standards. These quality inspections ensure Radura disc mower blades are of the highest quality standards and guarantees a maximum degree of safety.

Radura: The highest quality OEM replacement parts – priced right for your operation

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