The Sure Stop - Grain Handling Alignment Sensor  

The Sure Stop - Grain Handling Alignment Sensor

Grain Handling Alignment Sensor. 

Get it right the first time! The Sure Stop grain handling alignment sensor has a 90 Decibel Alarm and LED light signals for an exact stopping position.  Perfect Alignment Every Time.

Bushel Plus - Drop Pan System  

New! Bushel Plus - Drop Pan System

More Grain in the Bin!  Less in the Field!  If you don't check accurately, you don't know what you are losing!  The Bushel Plus system has revolutionized the checking-for-harvest-loss process. As featured on CORN WARRIORS USA – you can now quantify your grain loss and calibrate your loss monitor faster and safer!

STEPS Grain Management System  

New! STEPS Grain Management System

The Smart Switch will automatically turn on/off the fans according to your settings; or you can manually turn the fans on/off ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

With the Bin Monitor, you can know the temperature of your grain at the bottom of bin and the temperature and relative humidity in the headspace (your exhaust air)