More Grain in the Combine!  Less in Your Field!

If you don't check accurately, you don't know what you are losing!

The Bushel Plus SmartPan System has revolutionized the checking-for-harvest-loss process. As featured on CORN WARRIORS USA – you can now quantify your grain loss and calibrate your loss monitor for immediate improvement!


No more scratching on the ground and guessing about grain loss. Harvest is go-time with no time to waste!  The Bushel Plus SmartPan System is PROVEN for corn, soybeans, and small grain such as wheat, oats, barley, canola and rice.


Savings from farmers have been reported anywhere from 2% to more than 10%.


Bushel Plus SmartPan System

One System - 4 Simple Steps to Save You Thousands of Dollars!

This drop pan system attaches magnetically to the underside of the combine. The pan is dropped remotely during harvesting and collects a sample of chaff and straw from the back of the combine. After the sample is cleaned with the separator, the remaining grain is weighed and the BP app will quantify your bu/ac grain loss. You can then make adjustments to the combine to reduce your grain loss.


1) Magnetic system attaches to any combine.
2) Remotely release drop pan.
3) Clean sample within seconds with the optional Bushel Plus Air Separator 
4) Weigh grain with the Bushel Plus scale and quantify results with the Bushel Plus app

THE FLAGSHIP: 40” Bushel Plus SmartPan System – with 40” long drop pans (wide & narrow) - BPS100401
The most popular system! Handy size to carry around in your pick up or grain truck — perfect when working with a lot of different combines.  40” is the ideal size to mount higher, under feederhouse, to avoid tall stalks or stubble.  A good choice for corn and soybean growers.

THE WIDE SETUP:  60” Bushel Plus SmartPan System – with 60” long drop pans (wide & narrow) -  BPS100601
If you are a fan of windrowing straw when checking your grain loss and want to catch a sample from the entire width of your sieves then this is the fit for you.

THE BP MINI: 20” Bushel Plus SmartPan System – with 20” long drop pan (wide only) - BPS100200
Designed for use in 30” row crops when leaving high cut stubble (ex. corn & sorghum - falls in between stubble without tipping over). Also used with plot and research combines.

BPS100400 and BPS100600 come with two different size (wide and narrow) drop pans for different stubble conditions – no tipping over in long stubble!
• Carrier (attaches to the combine)
• Wide drop pan
• Narrow drop pan
• Durable Field Scale
• Smart Charger
• Downloadable Bushel Plus app   
• Pan-Drop Remote/Lanyard/User Manual                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Simply a much better drop pan system.

Please note that S.I. Distributing has an agreement to sell the Bushel Plus SmartPan System only in the United States.



VIDEO #1: Bushel Plus SmartPan System - "Grain Loss Field Test"


VIDEO #2: Bushel Plus SmartPan System - "More Grain in the Bin"


VIDEO #3: Bushel Plus SmartPan System - How it Works  - An Animated Explanation


PRESENTATION: Bushel Plus SmartPan System Presentation


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