Population Monitor for Planters and Grain Drills

The M3 was designed from the ground up to be accurate, user friendly, dependable and affordable. Using an Intel microprocessor the M3 monitors speed, area, population, hopper levels, limit switch status, seed spacing, and row failure to keep the operator informed of the current status of the planter or drill.

The M3 has two separate sets of setup parameters that may be entered and retained, eliminating the need to re-enter values when switching planters or drills. Every feature of the M3 has been designed to be as simple to operate as possible, thereby eliminating confusion and unnecessary down time in the field.


  • Display two different sets of data on the screen
  • Choose from MPH, field acres, total acres, acres per hour, row population, average population, row seed spacing and average seed spacing
  • Accepts most types of speed sensors
  • Easy data entry using the encoder knob
  • Sensor calibration for grain drills
  • Works with planters and grain drills
  • Audible alarm lets you know when you run out of seed
  • Saves time and money by not over seeding
  • Saves time on calculating grain drills

Each Kits Includes:

  •  M3 Monitor Console
  •  Power Cable
  •  Cab Harness
  •  Planter or Grain Drill Harness
  •  DICKEY-john® High-Rate Seed Sensors
  •  New Seed Tubes for Planters
  •  Seed Tube Adapters for Drills (if required)
  •  Instruction Manual



All M3 Kits are supplied with connections for a speed sensor and limit switch/hopper switch on the drill harness.