SCH EasyCut Cutting System SCH Pro-Drive Knife Drives Complete Orbit Trac II Reel Cornhead Stalk Stompers Gateway Sieves & Chaffers Tailboard Trash Blower Tube Agra-Cam Camera System Agra-Cam Camera System SCH Parts Package HCC Flip Reel Kit Bat Wing Paddle Tine SCH Pro Flex Lifter Radura OEM Replacement Sections Retractable Poly Augers Fingers Poly Skid Shoes

Rely on S.I. Distributing for over 500 harvesting innovations, including these 15 DIFFERENCE MAKERS:

A) SCH Easy Cut II Cutting SystemB) SCH Pro-Drive Knife DriveC) HCC Orbit Trac II Reel Kit
D) May Wes G4 Stalk Stompers

E) Gateway Sieves & Chaffers

F) Tailboard Trash Blower Tube
G) Agra-Cam Camera SystemsH) SCH Parts BagI) HCC Flip Reel Kit
J) Paddle TinesK) SCH ProFlex Crop LifterL) Radura OEM Replacement Parts
M) May Wes Poly Auger FingersN) May Wes Poly Skid ShoesThe Sure Stop Grain Handling Alignment Sensor

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Cutting System

Reel and Platform