Tested and Refined Over Several Harvest Seasons

by High-Hour Combine Users

Gateway Sieves & Chaffers offer a number of advantages

over standard steel sieves and chaffers including:

  • Greater slat lubricity for improved crop flow
  • Improved grain cleaning
  • Reduces combine down time
  • Less chaff build-up
  • Rust proof, resists freezing
  • Repairable with reduced wear and tear
  • Lightweight - up to 50% lighter

The Gateway, HCC's NEW sieve and chaffer system, is significantly lighter than standard sieves and chaffers found on current combines. The patented design utilizes aluminum and plastic construction for lower frame weight. That reduces wear and tear on cleaning shoe combine downtime.

Unlike conventional all-steel sieves and chaffers that are difficult or impossible to repair, the modular construction of Gateway Sieves & Chaffers permits easy and cost-effective repair. The added lubricity of the plastic slats also prevents crop build up on the slats, especially when harvesting in near-freezing conditions.

Side-by-side field comparisons demonstrate that Gateway Sieves & Chaffers clean grain as well or better than current systems. Gateway Sieves excel in cleaning lighter crops (like alfalfa seed) and heavy crops (like high yield / high moisture corn).

Gateway Sieves & Chaffers are manufactured by HCC, Inc., the same company that makes virtually all of the original equipment sieves and chaffers. As a result, fit and function is guaranteed to meet or exceed original equipment standards. Gateway works with manual or remote adjustment systems.

Why spacing options?

Narrow Spacing (33mm): Used for small grains: wheat, alfalfa, and cereal grains; 33ST top 33ST bottom.

Wide Spacing (45mm): Used for large crops: corn and soybeans; provides faster operation through high-yielding crop; 45LT top 33ST bottom.