Setting row cleaners is a pain.

CleanSweep lets you do it from your cab.

NOW, with CleanSweep, you no longer have to hope, but you can manage your row cleaner performance, from the cab, on the go.  

Row Cleaners are a great planter attachment for handling excessive residue during planting.  They remove the plant debris and create a uniform seedbed; However, too light of setting leaves residue in the row competing for moisture and nutrients.  Too heavy of setting tills and moves soil creating trenches and potentially alter planting depth.

Properly set row cleaners and floating row cleaners are way growers could look to reduce these negative impacts, but conditions can vary greatly from field to field, day to day, even row to row.  And, making these adjustments are time consuming.  Thus, most growers set for the average and hope for good performance.  

CleanSweep is a dual air cylinder that lets you set and adjust your row cleaners' down pressure from the cab.

          1.  Have heavy residue?  Add more pressure to sweep away the debris.

          2.  Have light residue or soft ground?  Lighten the pressure and keep the row cleaner floating across the top.  

The cylinders have a control box mounted in the cab.  You set the pounds of pressure from your cab based on the condition you are in.  Plus, the pressurized cylinder gives the row cleaner the ability to adjust or "float" across the small changes you encounter such as terrain or varying amounts of debris.  

The CleanSweep system includes air cylinders, lines, air tank, compressor and controller.  Availalbe for these row cleaner models:

  • Martin C125 MTS, MTS-XP, MTS-81, and MTS-IH; with or without Martin UMO
  • Martin C125 MTR, MTR-XP, MTR-81, and MTR-IH; with or without Martin UMO
  • Martin WA 1360 BD, BK, BW, BCIH, BDC; with or without Martin UMO
  • Yetter 2967-007, 2967-029, 2967-035 (short bracket), 2967-035, 2967-042, 2967-043, 2967-115

CleanSweep System
Planter RowsWith Air CompressorWithout Air Compressor
8 $ 2,920$ 2,170
12 $ 3,680$ 2,930
16 $ 4,440$ 3,690
24 $ 5,960$ 5,210
36 $ 8,240$ 7,490
48   $ 10,520$ 9,770
54   $ 11,660  $ 10,910

Please Call for Current Pricing on Specific Makes and Models.