Acra-Plant Notched Disc Openers

Convert your standard planter to a No-Till machine without increasing row unit down-pressure and without the high cost of residue management systems or coulters. 

  • Strong disc design is 50% thicker chrome-moly alloy that sheds wet soil better and keeps discs clear
  • Stronger, heavy duty bearing and flange design
  • Modified gothic arch bearing structure extends wear and runs straight and true
  • Molded rubber hubcap stays in place
  • Acra-Plant notched discs and inserts turn your present planter into the ultimate narrow profile no-till system insert
  • 11 & 15 notch discs aggressively slice through the toughest residue
  • Package requires the Acra-Plant V-slice insert
Special Features of Acra-Plant No-Till/Min Till Planter Notched Disc Opener Kit
  • The two disc blades in the set each have a different number of notches, 15 notches on one blade and 11 notches on the other. This assures that the blades will self-turn instead of skidding over old crop residue and the blade notches overlap as they work together to actually CUT the trash ahead of the V-slice opener system. This feature converts the planter openers to a true NO-TILL operation that is equally suited for Minimum Till and Conservation Tillage plans.
  • The disc blades themselves are up to 50% thicker than the smooth OEM blades that they replace. Combine that with the Chrome-Boron-Moly alloy, and you get a strength and durability unmatched by other replacement blades. Cutting through heavy residue and trash acre after acre requires tough, durable, and thick opener blades. Acra-Plant answers the call to duty with these blades.
  • Note that the opener discs feature a flat ground edge, rather than the cheaper alternative of hollow grinding the edge. Flat grinding a true bevel allows the blades to self sharpen as they wear, rather than immediately going dull.
  • The bearings used in Acra-Plant opener discs are of the true Gothic Arch design. Gothic Arch 4-race bearings cost more, but they allow the bearings to transmit radial load, axial thrust & overturning moments to a much greater extent than the cheaper twin-race ball bearings.
  • The alloy casting V-slice opener that actually produces the uniform seed trench is made of 25% chrome for longer life and durability.


Acra-Plant V-Slice Inserts & V-Shots

Acra-Plant V-Shots 
Apply starter fertilizer where it belongs, below the seed.

Acra-Plant V-Shots and V-Slice Inserts
Better stands due to improved seed-to-soil contact.

• Eliminates seed roll-and-bounce for uniform and early emergence

• Acra-Tuff chrome carbide for long wear life


Acra-Plant Blu-Jet Parts

Made of Chrome-Alloy for Longer Life.


Acra-Plant Conservation Ripper Points

The CRP line of points is the newest evolution of Subsoiler & Ripper points designed by combining Acra-Plant technology with the years of experience ShieldAg has in supplying long-lasting high-performance Chrome Carbibe Ripper Points.  


Acra-Plant Fertilizer Knives

  • Acra-Plant replaceable point fertilizer knives outlast "throwaway" knives 3-5 times - reducing downtime and saving money in the long run
  • Chrome Carbide Points scour quickly to a high polish, slipping through the soil and pulling easier than "throwaway" knives - you'll save more fertilizer with the unique self-sealing design
  • Acra-Tuff Chrome Carbide alloy point continues to perform like new throughout its life with no degradation of performance after just a few hundred acres
  • Acra knives are designed for minimum surface disturbance - perfect for your No-Till cropping plan
  • With a choice of three Acra-Tuff Chrome Carbide replacement points and many NH3 and liquid tube options, you can tailor your fertilizer rig to match your conditions and switch very easily if your crop rotation or nutrient plant changes


Acra-Plant Quick Change Fertilizer Knives


Shield Ag Drill Discs

These Extreme Conditions Discs are more than 17% thicker to last longer in dry and abrasive conditions and they are more than 36% stronger to resist breakage in the toughest ground.  These drill discs are made from high quality chrome-boron steel for toughness and improved ability to penetrate, scour and self-clean.

  • Extreme conditions discs are made of earth-metal, chrome-boron steel
  • Built for toughness; improved ability to penetrate, scour and self-clean
  • Available as blade only, single disc assembly and boxed sets of two disc assemblies
  • 205 series bearing with triple-lip seals on both sides
  • 3.5mm blades are 17% thicker than 3.0mm OEM blades
  • Last longer in dry and abrasive conditions
  • 36% stronger to resist breakage in the toughest ground