Cost Effective Weed Control with NO Drift

Problem:  With the rise of resistant weeds in GMO and conventional crops, taller growing weeds need to be attacked without damaging your crop.

Solution:  Super Sponge Weed Wipers’ pump-fed sponges hold and put more material on undesired weeds, without drift.

Drift Free    Effective   Use Less Chemical

Target taller growing resistant weeds.

Applicators have reported less than $1 of chemical cost per acre.

Eliminate taller weeds like: Roundup Resistant Pig Weed, Waterhemp, Ragweed, Kochia, Thistle, Mares Tail, Shattercane, Mustard, Rye in Wheat, and Johnson Grass in pastures.

The key to weed wiping is getting enough material on the weeds. 


These pump-fed sponges hold more material and put more material on the undesired weeds.

Best of all, these weed wipers are affordable.



Home & Garden Weed Control

  Apply drift free, even on a windy day

  Environmentally friendly

  Save money on solutions

The cellulose sponge design has a check valve that can be turned to the off position when the user is not applying heavy doses of chemical to cut off the gravity fed flow.