Make Your Old and Worn Parallel Arms Better than New

These bushing rebuild kits for planters makes old and worn parallel linkage arms work better than new. All the wear takes place on replaceable parts instead of on your planter’s parallel linkage arms.

Worn parallel linkage arms are a common problem with today’s planters and, with the 
newer high-speed planters, the likelihood is that the problem will only get worse.

In the past, worn parallel linkage arms and bushings have always had to be replaced with new and expensive ones.  With this flange bushing kit, there is no longer any wear on the parallel linkage arms. All the wear is on the kit’s replaceable parts.

Those parts include a hardened flange bushing with a small built-in “dowel” pin that fits into a hole drilled into one side of the arm, and a threaded hex bushing that fits into the flange bushing. 

The operator drills a small hole into the arm for the dowel pin, and reams out the existing worn hole in the arm a little larger for a more precise fit for the bushings. A special shoulder bolt holds the two bushings together.

The dowel locks itself into the arm to keep the flange bushing from turning. The design keeps the bushings and arms tight so that the wear now takes place on the bushings instead of the parallel arms.

PPS parallel linkage arms rebuild kit images


Partial Ream and No-Ream Bushing Kits with Ready-To-Install Parallel Arms are also available.

Three Types of Kits to Choose From:

Full Ream Bushing kits with Shouldered Bolts
        • Ream your existing parallel arms, support plate and row unit holes to make them better than brand new.
        •  This kit will require you to ream all parallel arm, support plate and row unit holes.
Partial Ream Bushing Kits with Ready-To-Install Parallel Arms 
        • Parallel arms are pre-manufactured to accommodate the flange bushing.
        • For support plate and row unit holes that show wear. 
        •  This kit will require you to ream the support plate and row unit holes only.
         Click here for more information. 

No Ream Bushing Kits with Ready-To-Install Parallel Arms 
        • Parallel arms are pre-manufactured to accommodate the flange bushing.
        • For support plate and row unit holes that show no signs of wear. 
        •  No reaming or drilling required.

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This video includes an overall explanation of the PPS  Flange Bushing Rebuild Kits, as well a comparison of OEM bushings versus the PPS flanged bushings. There is a also a comparison between planter parallel linkage arms with and without a PPS flanged bushing rebuild kit. 

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This video demonstrates why the bushings have to be tight in your planter's parallel arms and why the down pressure doesn’t keep the row unit from moving because of worn bushings.

PPS Demonstration of why you need tight bushings in planters parallel arms


Additional Resources:

Ordering Guide

  1. Find the row unit with the most movement.
  2. Remove a bushing from a couple locations on the parallel arms and measure wear at the widest point in the hole.
  3. Select kit based on measurement and planter/row unit model (1-1/16”, 1-1/8”, 1-3/16”).
  4. Determine if planter has any aftermarket attachments directly mounted to the parallel arm holes and note them below when order is placed (Examples: row cleaners or precision meters).
  5. After selecting the kit that you need, place an order with the information determined above.

Basic Installation Explanation:

  1. Read and understand instructions packaged with the kit before disassembly.
  2. Taking appropriate safety measures and wearing personal protective equipment begin disassembly of the row unit.
  3. Using reamer in drill press with plenty of cutting fluid, ream holes in parallel arms to size associated with kit.
  4. Set up template included in kit on parallel arm holes and drill 3/16” pilot hole.
  5. Drill pilot holes out to 25/64”, run drill bit perpendicular to the arm to ensure flange bushing pin fitment.
  6. Using wooden block and mallet, install flanged bushings into arm.
  7. On row unit and support plate use 11/16” bridge reamer to ream out the holes (shorter reamer and/or right-angle chuck may be necessary for clearance).
  8. Begin assembly of arms with row unit and support plate, hex bushing must seat tight against support plate and row unit. Spacer washers are provided to remove some slack between the flange bushing and hex bushing head (washers must not be drawn tight to arm).
  9. Torque to listed specifications and follow final assembly instructions.


VIDEO:  Basic Steps in Determining which PPS Flange Bushing Parallel Arms Rebuild Kit to Order

PPS Basic Steps on How to Order


This video shows how to use a reamer and a hydraulic press to fit a flange bushing onto a parallel arm. 




PPS Rebuild Kits - Assembly Tips Video


Complete Parallel Arm Kits - No Ream


Complete Parallel Arm Kits - Premium


Rebuild Your Existing Parallel Arm Kits

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