Martin-Till Drag Chain Crumbles, Fills Unclosed

Areas and Levels Soil Above the Seed Slot 


The row is leveled and air pockets are sealed behind the spading closing wheels.  This helps

even out the rate of drying and insures the soil does not dry past seed depth.  Using a Martin

Till drag chain will help increase uniform emergence in the drier parts of the field and is

recommended when using the closing wheels in minimum till.


•    Heavy-duty, square-edged cross chain and brackets

•    Attaches to closing wheel brackets

•    Bolts to all John Deere Max-Emerge units

•    Fits Kinze and White units with bolt-on wheels

•    Kinze units with roll pin attached closing wheels will need holes drilled for mounting

Universal mounting brackets, attaches to most frames




VIDEO: Martin-Till Drag Chain - Benefits Explained and In Action





Product ID: MRT003600
Twisted Drag chain kit. Fits all John Deere MaxEmerge units, Kinze & White units with bolt on closing wheels. Kinze units with roll pin attached closing wheels will need holes drilled for mounting.
Price: $39.00

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