Better Seed Spacing for More Harvestable Ears

At 5 mph on 30-inch rows, your meter is turning at 65 rpm. At that speed, precision matters.


Because the components all mesh perfectly, Precision Meters hold one seed at a time, then release it. They’re engineered and built to do it again and again. You’ll see fewer skips and doubles – and higher yield.


Springs, fingers, cams, backing plates, belts, housings, covers, brushes, bearings – everything must work together to get seed to the ground every 6.8 inches.  In the Precision Meter, everything does work together. Every part is precisely designed, engineered and manufactured to work with every other part. So every 6.8 inches, it plants one seed.


Compared to ordinary, less precise meters, this instantly produces more ears, 6+ bushels more, from every acre. At $3.50 per bushel, that’s $21.00 per acre. No wonder many top producers are upgrading to Precision Meters or ordering new planters without meters and adding Precision Meters. When everything works together, every seed ends up where it belongs, producing picket fence stands, maximum yields and an extra $21 per acre for you.


The Precision Meter contains the following parts:


Precision Finger Set – The shape and design of the finger determines how well it can singulate and hold a single seed – round or flat. The Precision Finger Set’s unique finger shape locks both flat and round seeds under the flag for secure delivery to the seed belt.

Population Max Backing Plate – The special Kevlar® impregnated poly backing plate presents a flatter more consistent platform for the Precision Finger Set. Its exclusive metal wear strip delivers far longer life than metal plates. Interchangeable inserts let you make adjustments for varying seed sizes and shapes.

Adjustable Brush – For the first time, with just a set screw, you can change the aggressiveness of your meter. Set the brush toward the outside of the finger for large seeds so they don’t dislodge. Set the brush further inside the finger for small seeds so it can aggressively remove doubles.

SkipStop – With its patented cushioning system, the SkipStop cover eliminates seed ricochets, which produce skips that you see in other finger pick-up meters. When seeds hit the cushion, they drop directly onto the seed belt for delivery to the seed tube.

SureFire Seed Belt – A seed released down the center of the tube can catch up with one bouncing around because it was released off to the side. That leaves two seeds in one spot and none in the next, a virtual skip/ double. The new SureFireTM cupped seed belt releases down the center every time for sure spacing and more ears.


When everything works together, every seed ends up where it belongs, producing picket fence stands, and maximum yields.


Precision Meters - John Deere

Precision Meters available for John Deere 7000, 7100, 7200 and 1700 series.  Also available for Kinze 2000 series.


Precision Meters - Kinze

Precision Meters available for Kinze 3000 series.  


Precision Meters - Great Plains

Precision Meters available for Great Plains planters. 


Precision Meter & Bullseye Seed Tube

Consists of the Precision Meter & Universal Bullseye Seed Tube. 


Precision Meter & Wave Vision Seed Tube

Consists of the Precision Meter & Wave Vision Seed Tube.    

Precision Meter Parts  

Precision Meter Parts

If you don’t need a whole new meter, you can still improve your spacing with Precision Meter finger sets, Precision SkipStop Cover, Precision Brushes, Precision Population Max Backing Plate, and the SureFire Seed Belt.